Our service commitment

We make a difference because:

We care

We believe in and care about what we do and those we work with, by:

  • being timely and responsive to our referrers, job seekers and communities
  • respecting and understanding job seekers' rights to privacy and confidentiality
  • treating all people as individuals with individual needs
  • supporting and mutually respecting those we work with 
  • taking pride in making a difference in our job seekers’ lives and communities
  • valuing and upholding the reputation of CRS Australia.

We listen

We hear and respond to others by:

  • working in partnership with our referrers, employers, job seekers and communities
  • being courteous and responsive
  • remaining sensitive to the needs of our customers, job seekers, communities and those we work with
  • seeking and responding to feedback on our services.

We deliver

We deliver quality services by:

  • finding solutions and enabling positive outcomes for our referrers, employers, job seekers and communities
  • providing quality, professional and timely services
  • remaining sensitive to issues of cultural diversity, disability and individual needs
  • sharing and using resources, knowledge and learning.

Organisation & service commitment