Employers and insurers

CRS Australia provides efficient and cost-effective injury management and injury prevention services.

We can also help you find the right person for your next job vacancy.

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  • Injured workers
    CRS Australia can help employers manage injured workers. CRS Australia offers a complete return to work service tailored to your workplace to reduce lost time, workers compensation claims and get your injured worker back on the job.

    If you would like to refer an employee to our services, please complete our online referral form or contact your local CRS Australia office.
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  • Injury prevention
    Employers under the Commonwealth, State or Territory occupational health and safety laws have an obligation to ensure that employees are protected from health and safety risks arising out of their work activities.

    CRS Australia can help you keep your workplace healthy and safe with our quality training and assessment services. Contact us today with your workplace health and safety requirements.
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  • Workers compensation and motor vehicle accident insurance
    CRS Australia assists workers compensation and motor vehicle accident insurance recipients to get and keep a job through a tailored occupational rehabilitation programme.

    If you would like to refer to us, please send us a referral or contact your local CRS Australia office.
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  • Find staff
    Let us know if you have a job vacancy you need filled by registering the vacancy with us. We can help find the right person for your vacancy. Our professional expertise, work training placement initiatives and support make for successful recruitment outcomes. 
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  • Other services
    Contact us if you would like to find out more about our range of services.
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Refer someone with a disability, injury or health condition