A head start to a working life

Saxon Stellini

Saxon Stellini was a student who did not have an interest in academic subjects or the formal setting of a classroom. He was becoming disconnected with school and wanted to leave. His future was looking uncertain.
Around this time, CRS Australia approached Saxon's school with a proposal to help students with an injury, health condition or other issues in their life, receive support to transition from school to work.

The timing couldn't have been better for Saxon. He was identified by his teachers as being eligible to receive the support.

Saxon's CRS Australia rehabilitation consultant, Sharon, explained, 'When we work with young job seekers like Saxon, we have more regular contact with them and all the different people in their life. Our programs are flexible and offer an individually tailored approach as this is important to help the job seeker achieve their goals.'

"I'm enjoying life. I enjoy coming to work. I feel better that I'm actually doing something for myself and getting somewhere in my life."

Saxon Stellini, former job seeker, landscape labourer

This intensive, yet flexible approach certainly helped Saxon.

'Saxon wasn't sure what he wanted to do, which is a common response for young job seekers,' Sharon said.

'We worked closely with him, his parents and teachers, to identify his interests and skills, and build some job goals.

'He's the kind of kid who liked to get his hands dirty. He seemed interested in landscaping and horticulture and CRS Australia helped him get some work experience at Southern Garden Supplies.'

After just one week of work experience, Saxon was employed. By exploring the employer's expectations and working in partnership with Saxon to make his transition into work run smoothly, the outcome has been positive for everyone.

His then boss, Michael, said, 'CRS Australia made it really easy to hire Saxon. From the beginning, the communication lines were open and frequent, which is really important.'

This is a vote of confidence in Saxon and he's thriving.

'I'm enjoying life more. I enjoy coming to work. I feel better that I'm actually doing something for myself and getting somewhere in my life," Saxon said.

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